CYC Fitness class at David Barton Gym…and Happy Valentine’s Day!

photo.PNG {Happy Valentine’s Day, Ryan}

So, I have a crush. A big girl crush.

Don’t worry, I’m not leaving my husband anytime soon (Happy Valentine’s Day, love!), but sometimes you just have to crush on a girl.

OK – so maybe it’s more of an extreme admiration for this girl. Stated plainly: She’s a freaking BADASS!

While I’m not the most fond of cycle classes, my friend Lisa convinced me to go to this class with her. And who am I to turn down a workout date.

CYC Fitness is such an uplifting, calorie-burning class. Keoni Hudoba molded the concept, which mixes intense cycling with weights, with a dash or two of a lights show and dance party.

photo-37 copy

Now back to my girl crush: She was just so motivating and inspiring, and rocked a six-pack with a ripped bod. She’s fab! Her name is Elizabeth, if you want to sign up online, but her name in class is Chainsawitall! Love it.

It’s nestled inside David Barton Gym, which makes me feel special walking into since celebrities often show their faces there. You reserve your bike online by purchasing “rides” in increments of one, 5 , 10, or 20 rides. Single class rides are $25 and go down in price depending on the package you choose.

It’s definitely worth the $25 splurge though, because you also get access to their locker rooms/showers, and also get two hours (before or after CYC class) to workout in the David Barton Gym. That’s a sweet deal. Lisa, (who introduced me to the class) and I plan on going to the class at least 2 times a month. It will be good cross training for our marathon, and it’s a great way to get cardio in when we can’t run.

Speaking of running, Lisa and I are supposed to do the Cupid’s Undie Run tomorrow, which is a one-mile run in next-to-nothing clothing that helps support the Children’s Tumor Foundation. It’s really a great cause, and the race is held on the same day in 30 cities across the country. Cool!

Only thing is, it’s supposed to be snowing. The temperature is 30, which we could probably handle for that short of distance, but we’re nervous about running in snow due to ice and the high possibility of slipping. Erika already had an injury due to slipping, and Lisa was recovering from an Achilles injury, so the more important thing is that we play it safe right now.

What are your weekend running {or activity} plans? Doing anything for Valentine’s Day? We’re going to dinner tomorrow night, then on Sunday I’m doing a little, casual birthday thing {my bday is next Thursday!} at Brooklyn Brewery, where we can bring snacks and have some local beer. Monday, I really want to check out a brunch in our neighborhood, and then I have a long run with Lisa.

P.s. It’s officially ONE week until Ragnar Relay Del Sol!!!! Holy moly guacamole!!!



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