Marathon Monday, err, Tuesday

{I meant to post this yesterday, but got really busy, so it’s Marathon Tuesday now!}

11 days. 11!

I can’t believe the Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon has crept up this quickly. I can’t believe that I’ve stuck with a 16-week training program {aside from a few skipped runs, I’ve been pretty loyal}.

It’s really opened my eyes to what my body can accomplish. I hadn’t run more than 13.1, but now I’ve completed 20+ miles and I’ve lived to tell about it! It’s been so much fun mapping out different routes and really getting to tour New York City in a non-traditional way.

It’s also opened my eyes to how I need to properly take care of my body. I’ve had some knee pain during my last two long runs, so I’ve just been trying to ice, rest, and foam roll a lot. I definitely don’t want a more serious injury.

17-miler recap:
We started at Union Square/14th Street and ran along to the East River running path. We headed back into the city at 57th Street to head into Central Park. After running part of the long park loop, we turned out of the park around 109th Street to get to the West Side Highway path, to run down and end at Wall Street. We felt so great throughout it all and kept a great pace. We stopped once for water, Gatorade and to eat some energy chews and sport jelly beans {I like Clif Shot Bloks in tropical punch, and Sports Beans in fruit punch}. The hardest part was the last 2 miles. At that point, we basically stopped talking and just felt everything in our legs. They were longest 2 miles but we’ve ever done!

{I did a half marathon in between these two long runs. Race recap on that soon!}

20-miler recap:
For this run, we decided to run from my place to Coney Island and then up towards the Brooklyn Bridge. It was kinda fun taking a little tour of Brooklyn! Erika and I stopped twice to grab water, take a pee break, and eat some shot bloks and jelly beans. {At this point, I’m eating an entire pack of chews as well as a handful of jelly beans.} Funny story: we had stopped at a gas station for water and as we were drinking it outside, a cop truck pulled up and the two cops stopped us and asked us if we had just come from Coney Island because they thought they saw us running there about 2 hours earlier! Haha. And it was totally true! We hit 20 miles exactly under the Brooklyn Bridge, too! I actually felt so great during this run, and felt like I could keep going. No knee pain here.

22-miler recap:
For this run, we started at Central Park and ran to the West Side Highway path and headed all the way up to the George Washington Bridge {the first bridge I’ve crossed that wasn’t in a car since moving to New York City!}. We ran across the bridge which was cool but so so windy! It was a really pretty route and it was good weather running up, but as we ran back down {we were at 11 miles at this point} it was so extremely windy. We were all so pissed and annoyed, lol. We couldn’t even talk because it was so windy that we couldn’t hear one another. We finally decided to head into the city and run our last few miles in the park. At this point, I was having very sharp pains in both of my knees, but primarily my left knee. But, I pushed through. We were all hurting pretty bad, no thanks to the wind which felt like we were using double the energy! My knee could have also hurt because of my new shoes I had gotten {and the fact that I pound the ground really hard when I run – Erika has even pointed out how loud I am!} But, I also think I didn’t give my legs enough time to recover.

Now, we’re in tapering mode. We ran 12 miles on Saturday, running on the East River running path to Randall’s Island and back. My knee felt fine, which is good! We’ll just be doing small mileage during the week, with no cross training so we also have plenty of time to recover. This Saturday we have 8 miles and then the next weekend is go time! I still can’t believe I’m doing a marathon. I’m so excited to visit Nashville again, and also to listen to the country bands that will play along the route! And I’m so happy to have two of my best friends run it with me.

PS. Just to add to our crazy, we’re thinking about doing another! We’re thinking the Disney World Marathon in January 2015!!! I’ve always wanted to run a Disney race – I just feel like they would be so magical.

I also just wanted to send all of my love and thoughts to everyone who has been affected by the Boston bombings during the Boston Marathon. It was one year ago today that the tragic event happened, and Boston can use all the support and thoughts it can get.


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