Surf’s Up!

photo(2)I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging regularly for a really long time, but every time I try, it seems forced. Like I have to run, go to the gym, or have a recipe ready to share.

My passion for fitness and healthy living has always relied on training or the fact that it’s also the main topic of my career. It’s almost as though I can’t be authentic in my workouts anymore. I want to lead an active lifestyle, more than just going to the gym and running a few miles each day.

I grew up being extremely outdoorsy, my dad used to take me camping, fishing, boating, four wheeling, hiking – you name it! And my friends and I always ran around the neighborhood, finding (OK, building) forts and just not being afraid to get dirty. I remember one time, I grabbed a broom and my roller blades and skated up and down my street just cause I thought it was fun (plus, there we’re leaves everywhere). I don’t know when my mentality that being active meant having good abs or being able to run 12 miles changed, but it did.

Granted, I DO believe in structured cardio and weight workouts, but I yearn to get back to my childhood trend of being active AND creating memorable experiences.
image(1)This past weekend, Jeff’s co-worker took us surfing at Gilgo Beach in Long Island. After a few hours of attempting to surf, we were sitting on the beach and I was telling him that my arms felt like jello and ‘wow what a workout this was!’ He agreed, and said he’s lost weight and gained a lot of muscle in his arms and back since he started surfing again. It got me thinking that this is something funa treatthat we’re doing, but it’s active, and calorie-burning, and kinda primal when it comes to healthy living.

I snowboard a lot, and that is another major workout that you don’t even think about. It made me year to incorporate more of these activities in my life.

My goal going forward with this blog, is to yes, still have conversations about races (Ragnar Adirondacks and my second marathon – Disney World are coming up!), and fun workouts, and delicious recipes, but to also remember to be adventurous and try doing active things that will give back an experience.

That’s why I also purchased Class Pass, a monthly membership for fitness and wellness classes around NYC. I want to try exciting and unique new workouts, but a lot of studios charge up to $35 per class. I do splurge on CYC Fitness twice a month, which is $25 per class, but I just love it! Plus, I have a girl crush on my instructor.

What I love about Class Pass is that you can go to 10 different fitness studios of your choice each month for just $99. That might seem like a lot, but a gym is typically $75-$120, and you’re actually getting those $35 classes for just $10. The website is very user- friendly and there are over a hundred studios to choose from! I’ve already done HIIT BK, which was intense and sweaty! I’m still sore! I’ll definitely be going back. I also tried Church Ave Yoga and BodyWork Center, which is a 2-minute walk from my apartment, and I really enjoyed my instructor, Briana. That’s another place I’ll definitely go to more often. The nice thing with Class Pass is that you can go to a studio 3 times per month. (Sometimes more if the studio allows it, like HIIT BK does). I’d highly recommend it for anyone in the New York City area.

So, that’s the latest in my world of fitness and health. It’s an ongoing journey, and I’m really excited about my two new fitness goals going forward!
imageHappy Monday!



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