4 Training Tips for Any Ragnar Relay

Ragnar Relay Adirondacks is a little over a month away, and if you’re participating, training should be well under way.

BUT, if you’re behind, don’t fret! You still have time to get conditioned. The nice thing is, you get breaks in between each leg to rest, fuel, and possibly have some impromptu dance parties.

Doing another upcoming Ragnar race? Perfect! These four training tips will help you prepare for any Ragnar Relay race:

Team Bonding:
IMG_9805Ragnar Relay is all about meeting new running buddings, so pick a set day and time that works best for your team for training runs. Not everyone has to run the same distance or pace, but just getting together {and sometimes putting faces to names if you haven’t met team members yet} can boost excitement, motivation, and team bonding.

It’s fun to hashtash your team name or #ragnartraining during training runs and look back at all the progress you made.

Night, Morning, Night Combo:
During the relay, you’ll be running three legs of about 4-9 miles each with about 6 hours to rest in between each one. There’s nothing that can really prepare you for that experience until you actually do it, but I found that doing a night, morning, and then night running combination can help! So, once you have been assigned your three legs, carve out a night to run the first leg, then run the second leg the following morning, and your third leg that night.

Cross Train:
If you just run, run, run, you’ll end up running yourself into the ground. It’s good to let some of your other supporting muscles build up too. I like to do cycle classes, which are good for cardio and building lean leg muscle. If you are particularly tight or have any aches or pains, I would also suggest yoga. There’s always a stretch I can find to help my IT Band, hamstring muscles, or feet. And, you should also do some kind of strength training class at least once a week, to build up thigh and hamstring muscles, abs, and arms. I’ve been liking HIIT classes or you could do body pump or straight up weights.

Test out your costumes:
IMG_7048If you plan to wear a costume or fun accessesories during your run {totally normally for Ragnar, and quite frankly, frowned upon if you don’t}, I would suggest doing a run with them on. It’ll help you determine if anything chaffs or is uncomfortable {bobbing up and down like this necklace above}. I see guys wearing big fro wigs every year and think they are crazy, but it really depends on what works for you!

The biggest thing I can say is to not stress too much. It’s not so much about competing {although getting kills are so much fun!}, it’s about challenging your body, having fun, meeting new friends, and experiencing running through a new environment. {Plus, the snacks are pretty great too!}

Happy training!



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