Five Foodie Favorites

Ah, three-day weekend. Here in New York, it’s already starting to feel like fall. The leaves are falling from the trees, people are walking around with cardigans, and I bought my first pair of boots to start the season off right. I don’t have any plans this weekend aside from a little work and a long run, so I’m hoping to head to the beach for one last sun-soak sesh before summer is officially over. I’d love to hear your plans!

image_2{A fun way to differentiate hard boiled eggs from raw eggs.}

image_3{Breakfast date with the BFF’s at Tom’s Restaurant in Prospect Heights. They give you orange slices and coffee while you wait in line!}

image_1{Greek Stuffed Bell Peppers.}

image{The most delicious grilled corn pops at Mad Dog & Beans in Carroll Gardens.}

image_4{Sauteed kale and mushrooms with a basted egg and Arizona Gunslinger.}



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