Marathon Monday

MarathonSliderv3I’m excited {and nervous} to share that I’ve started marathon training for the Disney World Marathon on January 11. What?!

I’m not actually sure I would be doing another marathon had I not already signed up before my first one, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Music Marathon in Nashville. But, I’m $180 in the bag now for the Disney one, so I’m going at it full force. Plus, I mean, it’s Disney. I haven’t been to Disney World yet, and the last time I went to Disneyland was over 10 years ago {the horror!}, so I’m ready for this adventure!

During my last marathon training I ran too many long runs consecutively and added miles too fast, and my both knees and hips {specifically my Iliotibial band} hurt really badly. My doctor prescribed me some anti-inflammatories and also a strong cream. I’m also going to be taking more glucosamine, really watching my training program and mileage, add lower body strength workouts to my schedue, and focus on yoga moves that stretch the IT Band. Plus, foam roll, foam roll, foam roll.

And speaking of foam roll, I need a new one desperately. Does anyone have any good suggestions on a brand or type? I’m curious about the ones with curves and ridges or even the stick rollers, but I know the traditional ones work well too.

I still have one more week until my hardcore 16-week training plan starts, so I’ve just been adding a few miles here and there, plus adding more cross-training methods to help build muscle. {I’m loving CKO Kickboxing, yoga classes, and HIIT classes, and CYC Fitness lately.}

P.S. Only 18 more days until Ragnar Relay Adirondacks!! I’m SO SO excited. πŸ™‚

Also, to my Arizona family and friends, please stay safe during this epic flood today. Stay home if you can!



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