A Case of the Funks

Do you ever go through funks? Like such a funk that you don’t even want to wash your face at night, pack your lunch, or do anything remotely productive? Yea, me too!

Sometimes you just have days when everything goes wrong.

I try to remember all the things I need to be productive for and be grateful for: a sweet husband who thinks to buy me my favorite snacks at the store and loves to clean the apartment; my challenging, but awesome, new job; my health; my fun-loving friends; sweet notes and calls from far away family; trips and runs I’ve been physically and financially able to take.

Still, there are days where I feel so petty and hard on myself about how I’ve been running, how I perform at my job, how my hair frizzes out to Mars, how I put on eyeliner, and continuously looking at Instagram, photo-stalking (or shall I say sulking) because I’m looking at a 23-year-old who seems to be more successful, prettier, more fit…happier? I love social media, don’t get me wrong-it’s my job after all. But, sometimes, it just pulls at my heart (and brain) strings, and I just can understand why I succumb to comparing myself to people.

I’m also just so homesick right now. I haven’t felt this way since we moved two years ago (tomorrow!). I don’t ever regret moving here, but I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get back home for the holidays so it’s a little disheartening.

Does anyone ever feel this way? Maybe it’s the changing of the seasons or my homesickness, but I really hope it goes away soon.

To top it all off, I’ve sprained my ankle. Just a little, nothing to write home about, but I took today off from running. Here is the schedule Erika and I came up with for our marathon. It’s nice to have a goal to look forward to and work towards.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.00.43 PMSo, depending on my ankle, here is my workout schedule this week:

M: B|X at BRICK New York
T: Rest
W: 5 miles
TH: 6 miles
F: 4 miles
S: 11 miles
SU: 3 miles & yoga at Church Ave Yoga & Body Center (Plus cheering on runners at NYC marathon!)

Cheers to a funk-free rest of the day. I need a good slap in the face. šŸ˜‰

Happy Tuesday!


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