Ragnar Relay Adirondacks Recap #1

IMG_1248Running on the east coast in the fall is incredible. It actually feels like fall: crisp, cold, colorful. Ragnar Relay Adirondacks was an amazing experience and I had a blast working as an ambassador for Ragnar the months prior to the race. I’m so grateful to my contacts with Ragnar, Leslie and Amy (whom I got to meet!).
IMG_1196We had some bumps in the road with people dropping out, but luckily found replacements. We still only had 11 runners, but most of us were eager to pick up legs, so it worked out.

We had a team dinner the Monday prior to Ragnar where we had a run, ate pizza, finalized details, and I gave them some goodies, like Ragnar bandanas, colorful sweatbands I ordered, Mr. Kate watercolor tattoos (really cute, and they stayed on for over 2 weeks!), and more. I would definitely recommend getting together right before the race so everyone is on the same page. We had weekly runs, but not everyone can make those, so having a mandatory meeting is crucial.

Van 1 went up Thursday and stayed in a hotel near Saratoga Springs to be rested for the start. Van 2, an amazing, strong group of womenβ€”Lisa, Erika, Natalie, Alyss, and Sarah. We met at my apartment early Friday morning so we could pack the SUV I rented. It was super spacious, even for 6 girls and all their crap (which is a LOT of crap!). By the end though, everything was thrown everywhere and we must have lost our phones each about 20 times! It was actually hilarious.

So we headed out (I was so proud to actually drive though the city for the first time. Was scary, but I did it!) and raced to check-in because our runner was coming in. We were in the middle of the safety meeting when she came in, but only had to wait about 5 minutes for us (woops!). To be fair though, they came in a little earlier, which is fab! Van 1 had amazing costumes on too! Our theme was to pick a color and pattern, so there was red sequins, and pink zebra and orange cow patterns. πŸ™‚ They did a great job, especially for running in the heat…which it WAS so hot!
Sarah started off Van 2 with a 9.4-mile leg! It was her first Ragnar so I’m sure she was nervous but she literally rocked it! We stopped a few times to give her water, because again, it was SO hot and her leg was so long.
We also had time to decorate the van, which was fun. Our mascot was: Man, Bear, Pig.
IMG_1195She then passed off to Lisa for a 6.1-mile leg. I had never seen this before, but for Lisa and Erika’s exchange, your team actually picked where to hand off. So we had to track what mileage Lisa was doing and pick a point. Luckily, there was a huge group of vans parked around where the exchange should have been so it worked out.
IMG_1190Erika started running her 4.8-mile leg and Natalie started prepping for hers. It was so much fun stopping around other vans and seeing them cheer people on. We saw a ton of Ultra teams (which I still would love to do one year).

Natalie started on her 4.7-mile leg and passed off to her sister Alyss, who went running along in her adorable tutu for her 6.3-mile leg. We tried cheering for her but she was too fast and already went past the spot we were at (plus we were occupied taking pictures with our Ragnar and water color tattoos!) so we booked it to our last exchange, my 5.4-mile leg.
It was so amazing guys! I felt so fantastic and strong! About 2 miles in, I came upon a guy who was running at a good pace (just under 8 min miles) so I asked if I could run with him, and we ended up just chatting the rest of the way to the end. He was from Philly and it was his first Ragnar, but he’s done plenty of swim races and triathlons! So nice to meet people like that.
IMG_1203My sweet van after our first legs were done. I mean, look at that view of Lake George!
IMG_1208Then, it was time for us to get some grub and rest and for Van 1 to take off into the night.

More recaps coming shortly… πŸ™‚

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