30 before I’m 30 bucket list

Happy March. After a few months of ridiculously cold weather, March brings a promise of melting snow and spring. Don’t mind me as I dream of days underneath these palm trees.

But, it’s time for a wake-up call from said dream. AND a wake-up call for this little blog here. As I have done often, I took a few months off to focus on where my passions lie and take time to actually do them.

Now, I’m itching to get back to writing and sharing. Get excciiiited. While I have a ton to share, I’ll leave you with a little bucket list I put together for this year. I turned 29 {Yoinks!} about a week ago and am just coming to the realization that this is going to be my last year in my 20s. I got a little sad about it, so I wanted to boost my mood and come up with some adventures, goals, and challenges to partake in this year.

“30 before I’m 30” bucket list:

– Enroll in a writing program to finally start my novel writing.

– Get a 1:30 half-marathon time

– Zipline over tropical trees in Costa Rica

– Rent a beach house in Montauk this summer

– Break a 4-hour marathon time

– Study Italian

– Learn to play Chess

– Work on catching up with friends and get better at replying to texts/emails

– Do 100 double-unders in a row (without whipping myself)

– Find the best Eggs Benedict in NYC

– Volunteer. Volunteer. Volunteer. (Races, food kitchen/pantries, animal shelters)

– Pierce my nose again

– Get another tattoo

– Go sailing

– Travel somewhere all by myself

– Start taking CrossFit classes

– Get back into photography (my camera is way too dusty on my shelf)

– Learn to bake using actual measurements versus just throwing in ingredients that “look” measured, like I normally do

– Visit more of New England

– Take 20 minutes each week to meditate

– Master my yoga headstand

– Learn to play tennis

– Buy fresh flowers once a week

– Go to a hockey game

– Learn how to french braid

– Take speech classes (I stutututtter ;))

– Always make sure I have fresh nail polish on

– Eat pizza once a week

– Go parasailing

– Learn to let go (of emotions, people, possessions) when necessary

I will no doubt add or delete things from this list, but having these things to look forward to makes me more excited for the year.

Bring it on 29!


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