Five Foodie Favorites

I’ve had avocado toast before, but it never really affected me the way it has recently.

image {Avocado and poached egg toast}

I’m like, obsessed. {I had it three times the other day.}

It’s so simple to make, too, and there are so many varieties. I like to toast rye bread {well done}, spread half of an avocado over it, sprinkle red pepper flakes, and add two poached eggs. Then I top it with crushed peppercorns and Tabasco. I feel like I’m fine dining for some reason.

Here are a few other eats I’ve had lately:

image_1 {Huevos Rancheros with black beans, fresh veggies, salsa, and two eggs—I seem to put eggs on everything.}

image_3 {Veggie Ramen Burger from a vendor at Berg’n}

image_2 {Soft boiled eggs that Jeff made. It was my first time having them! On a separate note, we LOVE toast with cream cheese. Weird?}

photo {Breakfast pizza with veggies, cheese, eggs, and local pizza dough.}

I heart eggs!

Have a great weekend.



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