Marathon Monday: 5 weeks until the TCS NYC Marathon

image2Happy almost fall! I’m currently training for the TCS NYC Marathon and wanted to start logging my workouts to hold me accountable these last 5 weeks. 5 weeks away!! It’s both exciting and scary.

Here’s how I started my training: Lisa and I signed up for the Hal Higdon app for an 18-week marathon program, but I didn’t like how you had to log your miles int he app or else it didn’t count. I like to take Mile High Run Club and do track workouts so this didn’t seem feasible. Plus, I couldn’t see a full calendar plan – you could only look day-by-day. So, I bought the $49 New York Road Runners 12-week Virtual Marathon Trainer, and I really like the workouts and interface. They collected allΒ of my health info and past race experience, what my ideal goal is and came up with a plan.

Here were the workouts from last week:

Monday: Brick CrossFit (I’ve become such a stronger runner after incorporating strength.)
Tuesday: 5-miler at 8:53 pace (I went out in a long sleeve and capri’s and it was WAY too soon for it. I was super hot!).

Wednesday: 6-miler at Mile High Run Club
Thursday: 4-miler sprint work at Brick Endurance
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 15-miler at 8:30 pace (I felt really great during this run. It was a gorgeous day with a lot of things going on to entertain me. My feet did hurt near the end, but I ordered a new pair of shoes so I’m excited! It also got really hot out.)


Sunday: Rest day

Total miles: 30 miles

This has pretty much been my schedule for the past 7 weeks, varying with mileage, pace, and with traveling/company in town. It’s really hard to run the long runs when you are out-of-town or have company in town who want to brunch. Cause I can’t pass up eggs Benedict and pancakes. πŸ˜‰Β Hence why I need to get a little motivation and hold myself accountable.

This week, I have Ragnar Relay Adirondacks and I’m really excited! My sister-in-law and friend, Heather, are flying in from Arizona to run, and our team theme is Minions On The Run, because the Minions are super cool. πŸ™‚ Get ready for some yellow-centric pics!

As for upcoming races, I had the Brooklyn Half Marathon scheduled for October 10, but have a wedding in Vegas that day now so I’m searching for a NYC race to do the following week (Oct. 17/18). Any suggestions? I also signed up for my first Tough Mudder on Nov. 7! SO nervous.

Is anyone training for a fall run? πŸ™‚



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