Happy 2016! Resolving to focus on one word: now

Happy 2016! The wonderful holidays went by way too fast. We went home to visit family & friends in Arizona and it was such a great visit {browse my visit on my Instagram}. We usually do a whirlwind 4-day trip, but this time we stayed 8 days and it was perfect. I hiked, tried OrangeTheory Fitness with a friend, had a lot of authentic Mexican food, played with my 3-year-old niece, and really enjoyed leisure time. {Crazy for me to admit!}

And now, it’s a crisp new year. A clean slate. A blank canvas.

This year, I’m focusing on one word: now. I’m a very busy person {self-inflicted – I just like having things to do!}, so I get things done, but I also procrastinate things, and put things off for another day or time. My dreams and goals shouldn’t be kept on the back burner though {neither should my laundry that I keep folded in the basket for days on end}.

I’m so obsessed with making lists and itineraries and plans, plans, plans, that I need to just stop all the scribbling and actually get it done right there and then.

Granted, there will be time to leave things as they are and be present and in the NOW. That’s the other half of the meaning to me—to work on being present in the moment. It’ll be a balance of starting things now, planning things now, finishing things now, and being in the now—from races to laundry to work deadlines to sleeping.

Blogging is one of those things I seem to always put off, but that I love. Because, well, it’s writing and that’s what I love—it’s my livelihood. Especially when it’s about fitness and food! So, that’s why I’m coming back now.

I have some other resolutions and goals for 2016, and I still haven’t forgotten about my “30 before I’m 30” list, but I really want to try to focus on this one action that will help boost all of my other resolutions.

Happy New Year!



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