5 Ways Runners Can Stay Healthy And Injury-Free

running, running shoes, running injuriesThus far in my running career, I’ve been pretty injury free. Granted I’ve usually just run half marathons, 10k’s and 5k’s, but that’s still wear-and-tear on the body.

I’ve always stretched and foam rolled, but it wasn’t until I began running marathons and started adding more miles to weekend long runs that I really noticed the importance of mobility, physical therapy, and body recovery.

During my first marathon, I was having typical runner’s knee issues. I even had to ice it right after I finished! Since then, I’ve gotten a stick roller for work and traveling, a lacrosse ball (wowza, that’ll really dig in to your muscle!), and got a prescription for Voltaren, an anti-inflammatory topical lotion. All which have helped.

After my recent marathon though [TCS NYC Marathon] and about a month before, I was getting aching pain down my left side and hamstring, my right calves would tighten, and I would feel little jolts on the top of my left foot every morning.

I finally went to a sports doctor before the holidays, who told me it was sciatica, which was my hunch too. I’ve gotten a prescription for a specific physical therapy program, which I will hopefully start next week. Luckily, he’s still approved me to run, as long as the pain doesn’t bother me.

It’s these little injuries that we as runners really need to nurture and nip in the butt before they get worse. I want to be able to run and workout for a long ass time, so I have no problem with rehabilitative care. Training takes A LOT from the body and we should give it some love back. 🙂

5 Ways Runners Can Stay Healthy And Injury-Free:
– Invest in regular physical therapy sessions.
– Work on hip-opening exercises [my hips are tiiiiiight].
– Warm up your muscles before running/working out – never stretch with cold muscles.
– ICE your aches first.
– Schedule sports massages throughout your training program.

These are five things I really want to focus on during my trainings in 2016, and even outside my training, because my body deserves it! What are you going to do for your body in 2016?



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